Houthi losses worsen… 94 dead in 10 days on the west coast

December 5, 2019
Yemeni military and medical sources revealed that dozens of members of the Houthi militia have been killed, as a major operation plan to escalate in the Yemeni west coast front has failed during the past few days.

Medical sources reported the arrival of 94 Houthi militia dead members’ bodies, to hospitals in the cities of Hodeidah and Sanaa, during the last ten days.

The news agency "Yemen" news confirmed the arrival of 32 wounded Houthi fighters, who were injured in recent days in Hodeidah.
 According to the sources, all the dead from Houthi militia were killed in confrontations with the joint forces on the west coast.

In the same context, another medical source confirmed the killing of the first Houthi teams of mine and explosive devices official in the west coast. 
The so-called "Nasrallah Laajji" died in the hospital from his injury earlier in the province of Hodeidah.” Explained the same source. 
“The escalation of Houthi militias with missiles and drones came after suffering great losses after the desperation in the implementation of attacks and the failed attempts to infiltrate and receiving pre-emptive strikes in which there were many human losses.” Said a military source. 
The joint forces in the west coast, described the UN-sponsored truce in Hodeidah since December 2018 under the Stockholm agreement as "sterile", during which increased the suffering of  Hodeidah’s people and could not protect them from the brutality and criminality of Houthi militias.
They also pointed out that the Houthi militia targeted and bombarded cities, residential neighborhoods and houses of citizens in Hodeidah with various artillery shells and medium and heavy weapons, in addition to planting regular and indiscriminate minefields and explosive devices on public and secondary roads and farms.