Houthi Militants Seize 65% Humanitarian Aid from Yemen Relief Stocks

January 7, 2019

Abdul Raqeeb Fatah the Local Administration Minister of Yemen said in a statement that the Houthi militants have looted about 65% of the humanitarian aids. These aids were sent by the people of Yemen via the port of Hodeidah. The Crisis of Yemen was already in the edge and these militants have now intruded in the process of the relief stocks too. They have been in continuous attack since the past three years.

To mention the precise numbers, the militants have seized at least 695 relief vehicles through various roads that reach the Yemen relief camps. The roads linking Hodeida to Sanaa are the primary targets and they are also plunging on all goods and vehicle that are entering the governorates that are under the Houthi’s power. Apart from the roadways the militants have also seized at least 88 commercial and relief ships at various ports including the As Saleef and Hodeidah ports.

Additionally, many relief provisions have also been damaged and destroyed as they had been detained by the militants for more than six months. The ministers have requested for unanimous foreign help so that they can bring in better operations procedures to sort out the situation. Reaching the provisions to the right beneficiaries is very important. The crisis of Yemen has been continuing for a prolonged period of time and such type of additional burdens will only destroy the little hopes that are alive.

There are also other reports about the reckless attacks carried out by the Houthi militants on the Yemenis in the past. They are deliberately pushing Yemen to the threshold of starvation. They had also abducted at least 25 relief workers and exploded four relief trucks that were sent from Saudi Arabia. Reports say that the Houthis also burnt a warehouse and completely destroyed 4000 tones of fresh wheat.

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