Houthi military leader killed and new sites liberated in Saada

December 24, 2019

The Yemeni army announced Saturday, the killing of a senior Houthi military commander in battle in the “Baqam” front in”Saada” province in the north of the country.

The official Yemeni News Agency said that the national army forces backed by fighters of the Sharia Support Alliance took control of new locations in the Baqim District in Saada Governorate, the main stronghold of the Houthi militia.

“The army forces carried out a qualitative attack on the positions of the Houthi militia in Baqim.” Said Brigadier Yasser Al-Harthi

According to Al-Harthi, the National Army forces controlled the hills and mountains located between the west of the “Tayr and Jawhara” mountain range east of the district’s center.

“The operation resulted in killing the pillars of the militia war in the brigade (103), killing dozens and wounding others, and captured three elements, including a sniper, with all his belongings, while the rest escaped.” He added.

The army also seized many light and medium weapons and armored vehicles were damaged and seized. The Yemeni army, supported by the Allied forces, is engaged in extensive military operations in more than 8 combat axes in the Houthi stronghold of the districts of Saada Governorate.

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