Houthi militia holding 20 gas trailers in Dhamar despite the crisis

October 16, 2019

Local sources said that the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia detained 20 trailers loaded with domestic gas in Dhamar for the people of the province, in conjunction with a severe gas crisis and its spread on the black market.

The sources said that the militia Houthi detained 20 trailers loaded with gas at Husseiniya station in the western side of the city of Dhamar, and prevented its unloading.

The sources added that the trailers were ready to be unloaded in the tanks of the plant, and start supplying the province of Dhamar with domestic gas.

it was not known why the Houthi militias detained trailers and prevented unloading in the tanks of the station
According to the sources, the Houthi militias in Dhamar said that the detention of the trailers came as directed by officials of the oil company in the hijacked capital Sanaa.

the province of Dhamar is experiencing a severe crisis in domestic gas, while gas has seen a wide spread in the black market at prices up to 12 thousand riyals per cylinder.

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