Houthi militia imposes new fees on doctors in Sana’a

October 18, 2019

The Houthi terrorist militia has imposed new fees and fines for doctors in the capital Sanaa and areas of its control, informed sources said.

The sources confirmed that the so-called Supreme Medical Council, which is under the control of the militias, raised the fees to rectify the legal status and fees to practice the profession and imposed heavy financial fines.

The sources said that the militias carried out a field landing campaign for hospitals, health centers, clinics and pharmacies, and obliged doctors to obtain a practicing card from the Physicians Syndicate and a card from the Ministry of Health, in addition to its medical council and increased its fees by minimum the double.

The sources pointed out that the Supreme Council imposed a delay fine calculated from the year of graduation those who graduated by 2009 will be fined for 10 years.

The militia raised the value of correcting the legal status of the diploma from 250 riyals for each previous year to 1250 riyals and bachelors from 500 for each year to 2500.

The sources pointed out that the militia imposed the payment of other fees, including test fees for university graduates, license fees to practice the profession for the diploma, registration fees to practice, and data charges and updating data and fees to correct the legal status of each year passed from the year of graduation.

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