Houthi militia killed a women who was trying to save her house from being demolished.

December 10, 2019
The Houthi militia killed a woman in the Zour Wadaa area of ??the Al-Safra district in Saada Governorate, in the far north of Yemen, while trying to stop the Houthi militia bulldozers from demolishing the family’s home.
 A local source said that the Houthi leader, called "Lutf Al-Awawi," and his companions began shooting the woman, killing her and stopping her relatives from assisting her until she died, "according to the official Yemeni News Agency.
The source said, "The Houthi militias are carrying out a campaign to spread and sabotage the lands and properties of citizens, on the pretext that they are lands and properties belonging to the endowments and state properties."
The Houthi militia has practiced persistent violations in its areas of control since its coup against the legitimate authority in late 2014, under a series of justifications, but the province of Saada, which is the stronghold of their leader, has been suffering from Houthi violations for nearly two decades due to their sectarian practices and armed rebellion.

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