Houthi militia leader and 9 of his companions killed in Baqim

December 9, 2019
The Yemeni army announced on Thursday the killing of a Houthi militia leader in the Baqam front in Saada province (the main stronghold of the Houthis in the far north of the country), along with nine of his companions and the capture of two others.
“The Houthi leader and nine of his companions were killed after trying to infiltrate the positions of the national army in Baqim district in Saada province.” Said brigadier general Yassir al-Harthy
 “Murtadha Ali al-Sharif,the Houthis’ militia groups in the Baqam front leader and nine of his companions were shot dead by the National Army after they tried to infiltrate the army positions in the district of Baqim” he added.

Brigadier General al-Harthy said that the national army was also able to capture two coup militia, according to a statement published by the official Yemeni News Agency.

 The Commander of Mahzar Azal stated that the National Army foiled an unsuccessful infiltration attempt by militia members on the Baqim, Majz, Al-Safra triangle, where an ambush was placed on them, which led to the death of the operation commander, Murtada Sharif and his companions, pointing to the confiscation of light and medium weapons and the destruction of a number of mechanisms that were elements that the militias use to navigate, attack and reinforce. 
Near-daily battles take place on a number of fronts in Saada, where militias have suffered heavy casualties.

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