Houthi militia threatens to expel international organizations

December 18, 2019

The Houthi coup militia renewed its threats, on Sunday, to expel international organizations operating in the Yemeni areas that are still under its control.

Ali al-Dailami, the deputy minister of human rights in the Houthi government that is not recognized internationally, said that the organizations did not provide the Yemenis with any service that amounted to the false humanitarian slogans they marketed.

Al-Dailami added during a workshop in Sana’a under the slogan “evaluating the effectiveness of aid provided to Yemen to face the humanitarian crisis”, that “if (the organizations) do not do their work, they are not welcome,” according to Houthi media reports.

The responsible of foreign affairs in the Houthi government, Ahmed al-Imad, also accused UN organizations of “tampering” with humanitarian aid. He said, “The humanitarian aid mechanism for Yemen has become a subject of debate within the United Nations and in the corridors of the United Nations, and we are in the position of evaluating the aid mechanism provided to Yemen.”

Targeting humanitarian workers.

The Houthi Militia, through its leaders and media, is waging a widespread incitement campaign against UN and international aid organizations, accusing them of corruption, after the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ursula Muller was briefed before the Security Council in which she confirmed that the Houthi group was preventing the implementation of  humanitarian NGOs’ projects in their areas of control, and expel some of those NGOs and United Nations staff without any reason.

Muller also accused the Houthis of targeting humanitarian workers and their ill-treatment, noting that targeting cases during the past three months amounted to 60 attacks, threats and arrests of humanitarian workers.

She noted that the Houthi groups’ interference in humanitarian operations and its attempts to influence the choice of beneficiaries of this aid and implementing partners, and try to compel humanitarian organizations to work in conditions that contradict humanitarian principles. And she warned that, if accepted, this would cause the loss of funding for humanitarian projects and their closure.

The UN official stated that the Houthis have repeatedly looted humanitarian aid and occupied the headquarters of humanitarian organizations, which has hindered the delivery of necessary humanitarian aid to those who deserve it.

The legitimate Yemeni government had expressed strong condemnation of the campaign of abuse and incitement launched by the Houthi militia against international organizations working in the field of relief in Yemen. It warned of its danger to the safety of crews of organizations operating in militia-controlled areas. The Yemeni Foreign Minister, Muhammad al-Hadrami, condemned the threats made by the Houthi militia towards the United Nations and its humanitarian programs in its areas of control, and described it as a “miserable response as a result of the facts revealed about its violations before the Security Council.”

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