Houthi Militias are Targeting Yemeni Families with the Help of Mortar Shell

October 3, 2018

A Yemeni family had been hit by mortar shell which had been fired by Houthi Militia at their house in the village of Al Jah in Hodeidah Governate. The present that they have is actually a part of the lined up attacks against the civilians, particularly children, by the militias.

The mortar shell that had been fired on the residential neighbourhood is known to have injured Muslah Saeed Al Ahdal along with his children Nadher, Khaldoun, and Duaa. The children are aged between 1 to 5 years. Apart from them, it has injured another child from another family by the name Nesrin who is under 5 years.

As a quick response to this humanitarian situation, the a relief assistance was provided by Emirates Red Crescent to the people who had been injured to get rid of their suffering because of these trying humanitarian situation that they are experiencing due to the consistent violation by Houthi militias against the innocent civilians.

UAE Humanitarian Operations Deputy Director of Yemen, Hamad Al Kaabi, has mentioned that the emergency relief assistance provision to all people who are injured will come under the framework of humanitarian responsibility of UAE towards its brothers in Yemen for helping them out to overcome the tying conditions which has been inflicted by the militias intimidating people constantly.

Deputy Director of Al Khokha Surgical Hospital, Adham al-Shabh, has mentioned that the injured victims had been received in a difficult health conditions. They pointed out that they secured appropriate and immediate medical care at the hospital on their arrival.

From 2014 September to 2018 September, Yemeni children were reported to be injured and killed. The shelling by Houthis against the houses in Al Jah followed successive defeat in the Hodeidah Governorate. These are the acts of revenge against the local people who are known to have rejected them.