Houthi militias “blackmail” UN aid organizations

November 5, 2019

UN relief organizations have to pay money to Houthi militia leaders to facilitate their activities, local sources said on Sunday.

The putschists put many challenges and obstacles to the work of international organizations, which forced the latter to pay money to the Houthi leaders in return for the distribution of humanitarian and medical assistance to the Yemeni people in the Houthi areas, while the militia leaders receive the proportion of the assistance received, according to sources.

A UN official revealed to a local agency that all UN organizations working in Yemen are distributing part of the aid to Houthi leaders, so that they can distribute their aid and get their percentage.

Moreover, he explained that any organization operating in Yemen to remove the financial allocation of the Houthis from any humanitarian work, and distribute it to the executives responsible for it.

He pointed out that the most prominent leaders that extort organizations, are: Ahmed Hamid (Abu Mahfouz) Director of the Presidential Office of the Houthis, and Abu Emad (Mutlaq al-Marani) former national security agent

Last month, press sources at the al-Thawra Foundation for Press and Printing, which is under the control of the militias in Sanaa, revealed that the aid allocated to the staff of the organization by the United Nations World Food Program was stolen.

Journalists at the foundation received calls from the World Food Program (WFP) for the second time to ask if they had received food baskets for August and September this year, the sources said.

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