Houthi mine kills Yemeni child in Hodeidah

September 23, 2019

A landmine planted by the Houthi militia killed of a 10-year-old boy on Sunday in al-Khokha district, south of Hodeida province, west of Yemen.
According to local sources, a landmine planted by Houthi militias exploded, killing a child, Abdo Yousef Hassan, while he was grazing sheep in the village of “Yabili” east of the Directorate of Khokha.

The child, Abdo Yusuf, went out to graze the sheep in an area near his house in the village of al-Yabili, and when he passed through a farm, the mine exploded, it was a mine left over from what was planted by the houthis militias ,the 10 years old kid died on the spot.

A number of families tried to rescue the child and took him to the field hospital in Al-Khokha, but it was too late !

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