Houthi mines paint on the bodies of children in Yemen

July 23, 2019

Yemen has become a jungle..a seven-year-old boy contemplating his father and uncle uttering their last breath while his younger brother struggles to survive after a mine exploded , this is what the houthis made of yemen ! even when they leave a place , their monstrosity stay.

Houthi mines have torn Yemen, disrupted its blood, and shed the blood of its sons.They are known to sacrifice everyone in order to survive and achieve their goal even when they are forced to withdraw from any location they live their mines back to finish the job .

The minefield discovered near the Red Sea Mills in the eastern neighborhoods of Hodeidah is an example of the Huthi dynasty, where the engineering teams of the Joint Resistance dismantled the largest regular minefield of more than 2 square kilometers, extending from the northwestern outskirts of the Masna to the asphalt line In front of the Red Sea Mills.

The field includes more than 2000 mines, varying between individual and anti-armor mines. It is a regular field type, planted in straight lines and in two rows, ensuring that the militias cover gaps in the entire target area.

The joint resistance engineering expert confirmed that 132 mines had been dismantled and demilitarized, but that clearing the field completely would take a lot of time and effort.

In fact, it has destroyed this country and led to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and pushed it to the brink of destruction. It has not only killed but has prevented Yemenis from harvesting crops and pulling out clean water they desperately need, And civilians suffering from hunger and disease.

The story of the nine-year-old samiraAbdullah narrows the tragedies of thousands of victims who have been forcibly robbed of their lives and those who have lost parts of their bodies as a result of a mine explosion.

The tragedy of Samira began when she crossed one of the farms of the Directorate of DurahmiMumtatJamla, the second her leg hit the mine it exploded, which led to the death of the camel she was riding and the injury of the girl. Samira Mahi is a model for thousands of Yemeni mines victims, mostly women and children.

The rebels are practicing a policy of killing people and destroying

The war ends but its seeds remains hidden under sand, stones and houses. This is what happened in many countries and what will happen in Yemen. This geographical area is surrounded by many mines left behind by the Huthi militias, making it a nightmare and hell to liv in yeemen

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