Houthi Rebel is Seizing Food and Fuel Cargo Entering Hodeidah

October 9, 2018

Houthi rebels in Yemen are keeping the ships from unloading important food and fuel supplies at Hodeidah port, the Saba agency reports that are owned by the state.  The Iran-backed fighters is known to seized 10 commercial and oil vehicles with the ship crews being prevented from unloading the cargo and also including important food and fuel supplies as mentioned by the Supreme Relief Committee of Yemen, Abdulraqeeb Fatah, this Saturday.

The comprises of Distya Pushti, the tanker which flies the Indian flag that was anchored in Hodeidah on 28th September and carrying 10,955 tons of diesel and also 9,025 tons of petrol.  Cargo RINA had been docked at the airport with 5,700 tons of sugar and flour. Other ships are also be going to be held in Hodeidah for 6 months as mentioned by Mr.  Fatah.

Mr.  Fatah stated that the ships are being held by the rebels for exacerbating the fuel crisis of the country in the bid to augment the cost on the black market that is controlled by the rebel. He has called on the UN Humanitarian Coordinator of Yemen Lise Grande for pushing the release of the ships and also unloading the cargo.