Houthi rebels fire missile attack on Saudi capital amid a pandemic

June 24, 2020

On Tuesday, Yemen’s Houthi rebels fired missiles in Saudi Arabia with one landing at the Saudi capital Riyadh, violence flared the nation after the expiry a month ago of a truce facilitated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yemen was suffering from war since 2014 when the Houthis sorted out an overthrow against the real powers, and the recent locust assault, flash floods, and coronavirus pandemic combinedly shook the country with a big humanitarian crisis.

However, due to the ascent in coronavirus cases, on 17 April, the UN Security Council affirmed the secretaries-general’s proposition for the warring groups in Yemen to end the war right away. UN requested to focus on looking for a truce and combat the flare-up of the pandemic.

Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet criticized the assault with eight armed drones and three ballistic missiles and called the assaults terroristic acts that target people and endanger the lives of many individuals, the state news organization expressed.

England’s Dominic Raab likewise denounced the assault by expressing that he condemns these recent assaults on Saudi Arabia by the Houthis, and they proceed with offensives within Yemen that throw further uncertainty on their claims to desire peace.

The French foreign ministry stated the assault intentionally focused on occupied territories of Saudi Arabia and shook the stability of the region.

The war has killed a huge number of people, mostly, regular people, displaced around 3 million people, and forced more than 20 million to the verge of starvation.

Christopher Henzel, the US diplomat to Yemen, denounced the Houthi assaults on Riyadh, which he stated jeopardized the peace deal, as per a report by the Yemeni government state news agency.

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