Houthi Rebels Receive More Support from Qatar than Iran

November 5, 2018

A seminar had been organized in Taiz where 3 working papers had been presented on the role for Qatar to support coups prior and after Qatari crisis. As per the reports and statements Qatar has been increasing its support for Houthis more than Iran.

The international community, Yemenis, and the Arab Countries had been called upon to take on a strong stance towards negative national intervention in Yemen stressing that Doha is going to play a suspicious role that is aimed to enable Iran from the neck of Yemen which reveals the deep-rooted relations in between Houthis and also the Qatari regime that is aimed to enable Iran from Yemen’s neck. Ali Abdullah Saleh where Doha offered successive support for Houthis have enabled him to achieve victory on the state system during the time as per the letter in between Badr al-Din # Houthi, the father of Hussein and also the leader of the group to the former Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa.

The seminar has responded to this negative role that has been played by the rulers of Yemen in the region since the former ruler of Qatar. The seminar had stated that many years ago when Qatar found in Houthis a great opportunity for destabilizing the neighbors within the deliberate country plan, it aimed on destabilizing the region and then setting up hot beads of terrorist and militias gangs for threatening and weakening the neighbors and then disrupt the security.

Arwa al-Shumairi, the researcher in her paper had described that the relationship in between Houthis and Qatar have been there since the time of its establishment. There is an old relationship in between leader of the Houthi group and Qatar at the time of Hussein Badr al-Din as it had supported the movement of Houthi during the rebellion of 2000.