Houthi Rebels Responsible for Al Anad Drone Attack Has Been Detained

January 16, 2019

On Tuesday, Yemen’s interior ministry stated that they had arrested few members belonging to a Houthi cell for being a part of a drone-bomb attack on the Al-Anad air base.

The drone assault which was directed towards a Yemeni government military parade became the latest deadliest assault, since an armistice agreement for the port city of Hodeidah was endorsed between the warring parties of the Yemen war, in Sweden last month. The drone attack killed six people and left scores of people injured. Although, fee days later, it was reported that another person died due to the drone attack; thereby, taking the death toll to 7.

Later on a statement was released from the ministry. The spokesperson from the Ministry of Interiors stated that the Houthi cell used to work for the Houthi rebels in Lahij, Aden, and also for other freed areas.

Ahmed Al-Misri, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, briefed that the militants were captured during the last few days from the Lahij province, north of Aden, the exact place of where Al-Anad airbase was based.

Al-Misri even stated that that those who were detained later on during interrogation admitted that they conducted the deadly killing and bombings in Aden, which was directed towards the military and security officials.

The militants also stated that they received training from Houthi experts who manage and control the Sanaa and Dhamar areas.

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