Houthi shelling and sniping in Hodeidah

January 7, 2020

In continued violation of the United Nations-sponsored ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah, western Yemen, since December 2018, Houthi militia launched, during the past hours, a violent bombing of the joint forces’ positions near the UN observation points in the city of Hodeidah.
Military sources said that the revolutionaries targeted the joint forces positions based in the Clio 16 area east of Hodeidah, and other sites near the Red Sea mills, which are located within the framework of the third control point.
It also stated that “the militia carried out sniping operations on the joint forces’ positions near the 22nd of May Hospital in Al-Khamseen Street, which are located within the framework of the first observation point.”
Earlier, the Houthis launched a violent artillery bombardment on the government forces’ positions east of the Al-Duraimi district south of Hodeidah, using 120 mortar rounds.
A Yemeni government official had confirmed on Saturday that the Houthi militia had raided the headquarters of the International Red Cross in the province of Hodeidah.

“The Houthis raided the Red Cross organization in Hodeidah and expelled its employees,” stressing that this is not the first time that the militia has carried out this condemned act, he said in a brief tweet on his Twitter account.

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