Houthi violations of the international armistice

December 13, 2019

The Houthi revolutionary militia renewed on Wednesday the targeting of separate areas in the western coast of Yemen, as part of its continued violations of the UN armistice in Hodeidah Governorate.

Local sources said that citizens’ homes north of Al-Tahita city were bombed by the Houthi militia, with artillery“ Hawser ”and“ 120 ”heavy mortars.

The militia heavily targeted other residential neighborhoods south of Al-Tahta, using heavy weapons, “MT 23”, and medium machine guns 14.5 and 12.7, according to the joint forces military media statement.

In a related context, separate locations where the joint forces were based in the Hays district, south of Hodeidah, were subjected to heavy artillery shelling and targeting of various weapons by Houthi militias, on one hand.

On the other hand, 7 members of the Houthi militia were killed and 16 others were wounded during the joint forces response to the militia attacks on sites south of Hodeidah governorate.

Medical sources reported that the bodies of 7 dead and 16 wounded Houthi militia fighters had arrived in Al Hudaydah hospitals in the past two days from the west coast.

The sources added, according to a military statement, that the militias declared a state of alert around a number of hospitals and prevented patients from entering, and allocated them to receive the dead and wounded from their militants coming from the fronts of the fighting.

The Houthi militias have suffered heavy material and human losses recently, as the joint forces responded to massive militia attacks on separate areas south of Hodeidah.

The militias’ escalation coincides with the completion of a full year of the Stockholm agreement sponsored by the United Nations between the legitimate government and the Houthis late last year, but it has not yet been implemented, due to the intransigence and refusal of the militias to implement its provisions.

A spokesman for the joint forces on the west coast, Colonel Waddah Al-Dubeish, blamed the United Nations and the UN envoy for the failure to implement the Stockholm Agreement for a full year.

“The militias have no intention of peace, and there is no peace agenda at all in its agenda, and all that concerns Iran is in the interest of Iran, and the biggest evidence of that is the ship carrying missiles, which was recently seized off the Yemeni coast,” Al-Dubeish said.

“We knew from the first sight of the agreement that the militias would not implement it, and we bear full responsibility for the United Nations and the UN envoy who were able, since the first months, to resolve the issue, and they could take many measures and exert real pressure on the Houthis And Iran in order to implement the agreement, but instead they recognized, neglected and tolerated and gave more time to the militias to collect millions of dollars at the expense of the suffering of the Yemeni people and the continuing bloodshed of citizens and the sabotage of their homes. ” He added.

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