Houthis are taking over schools in Yemen

March 29, 2019

The Houthis have started to take over schools in an attempt to indoctrinate young students and convert them to their extremist ways. Students are forced to chant pro-Houthi slogans every day. Students who refuse are made to pay heavy fines and are even beaten up.

It has even been reported that the extremist militias attacked a girls’ school located in Sanaa. Their aim was to force the students to chant their slogans. Those who refused were intimidated into following the orders when the Houthis began to fire live rounds in the school. The children were even threatened with imprisonments and kidnappings.

As per reports from the UNICEF, the Yemen war has caused the closure of nearly 4,000 schools. This has left almost 4.5 million children deprived of even basic education. Warnings have been given that the education system in Yemen is at the edge of total collapse.

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