Houthis attack the village of Dhamar

December 14, 2019

On Thursday and for the second day in a row, the Houthi militia attacked “Al-Maqqara” village in  Al-Hada District in the Dhamar governorate in cntral Yemen, with various types of weapons, and imposed a suffocating siege on the village, there was clashes with tribal militants before raiding it.

 Tribal sources reported that at least one citizen was killed and three women and a child were injured in the shelling by the Houthi militia in the village of Al-Masqara on Thursday, confirming that the militias shelled the village indiscriminately, which resulted in the burning of 3 houses.

The militias raided the village a day after its siege, forced the citizens’ homes and abducted more than 120 of its residents, the majority of them children, and took them to “al-Marada” prison in the district center.

Added the tribal sources According to the sources, the Houthi militia has moved armed groups on combat vehicles to Al-Masqara village, to look for recruits in the armed forces. 

The same source noted that armed clashes erupted between the tribes and the Houthi militia, in the last attempt to raid the village in search for soldiers from the Ministry of Defense.

The sources pointed out that the militia accused people of hiding their children affiliated with the Ministry of Defense, since before the Houthis took control of state institutions in 2014, and staged a military campaign to raid the area.

Houthi militias have created more than 60 new points at the entrances and exits of the Obaida area in Al-Hadda surrounding the village of Al-Masqara, to avoid any tribal movements that might support people in Al-Masqara village, according to the tribal sources.

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