Houthis Committing Crimes against Children

March 28, 2019

As per reports, Houthis are committing several crimes in Yemen. Already, they are making life hard for the people of Yemen by committing acts of violence.

This is taking place despite the truce deal that was negotiated by the United Nations. It did not take long for the rebels to break that truce deal. In fact, they soon began to attack and commit other acts of violence within weeks.

At the same time, Houthis are making the life of the Yemeni people harder than it already is. Houthis have denied access to food grains. The United Nations had to force them to give access to the food in order to save the lives of millions of Yemenis.

Additionally, Houthis are known to kidnap, torture, and even execute people. They do not even differentiate between children and adults. In short, horrific crimes are being committed by the Houthis, breaking international laws.

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