Houthis committing grave human rights abuses against children and women

April 1, 2019

The Houthis are continuing to commit atrocities despite the peace deal that was achieved in Stockholm under the guidance of the United Nations. In Yemen, Houthis are committing several human rights abuses nearly every day.

Children is one of the groups that is most affected by the actions of the Houthis. Houthis are known to use children for fighting. In other words, these extremists are destroying the childhood of several children by giving arms and weapons to the youth. At the same time, Houthis are attacking schools, forcing them to close. They then force the children to chant Houthi slogans.

Women are also affected by the Houthis. Women are also forced by the rebels to fight. At the same time, Houthis are known to kidnap and torture other women. Many women have gone missing in areas controlled by Houthis.
Press freedom has declined greatly under the Houthis. Houthis completely control the press in the regions that are under their purview.

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