Houthis Confiscates Wheat Shipments from WFP

October 31, 2018

According to Yemen’s official news agency, Houthi military have apprehended 51 tons of wheat from the World Food Program (WFP) in Hodeidah province.

Abdul Raqib Fatah, Chairman of the Higher Committee for Relief stated that this act contravenes all international and humanitarian laws and lead to the degeneration of the humanitarian condition as well as the suffering of millions of Yemenis.

He also requested the UN Humanitarian Coordinator Lisa Grande to render pressure on Houthi rebels to let go the 51 tons of wheat stocks confiscated in Hodeidah province. The 51 tons of wheat is sufficient to feed 3.7 million people.

Abdul Raqib asked the prompt release of wheat and stopping all actions that are connected to the relief and humanitarian sides.

He deems Houthis fully accountable for increasing the suffering of Yemeni people through the continuous confinement of relief convoys, looting the aid and placing hurdles in front of local and international relief organizations.

The Yemeni Minister of Local Administration emphasized on the need for the United Nations and the international communities to castigate the continuance of the rebels to hinder relief work and bring an end to such barbaric actions that directly affect the lives of Yemeni people. He also hinted that the ongoing silence towards the action of the rebel group is inadmissible.

Military sources stated that over 40 Houthi rebels have died while dozens were injured in the fight with the National Army in Hodeidah front during the last 48 hours.

Battles have been fixated on the southern outskirts of the city and spread to the outskirts of the eastern port of Hodeidah and the diplomatic route connecting the supply routes of the coup rebels between Sanaa and Hodeidah. At the same time, Saudi-led coalition fighters demolished the militias’ support and military equipment.