Houthis gaining time for their sectarian project, taking more lives every day

May 7, 2017

-Amina Souafi(author)

Yemeni Prime Minister Moin Abdulmalik denounced the “international silence” over the continuation of the pro-Iranian Houthi militias in “deepening the humanitarian tragedy in the country.

He explained that the Houthis caused the suffering of the Yemeni people using the human card to gain time and make their military coup last longer, without the least consideration to the suffering of the Yemenis.

This came during a meeting between Abdul Malik on Monday with Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Program Amir Abdullah in the Yemeni capital Aden.

The Yemeni prime minister spoke about the fact that the Houthis stopped the international food programs teams from entering the red sea mills since 8 months what destroyed completely thousands of tons of wheat, the rotten wheat could have fed millions of hungry people he also accused the Houthis militia backed by Iran of repeatedly targeting aid shipments not caring about people of Yemen dying in hundreds.

The prime minister declared that: these militias will not hesitate to exterminate all Yemenis for the sake of its sectarian project and regional agendas known to all.

He also called for increasing the number of beneficiaries of the school feeding project implemented in Yemen, from 600,000 students to 3 million students,”because of its importance and vitality in the face of several problems, such as stimulating the survival of schools and helping keeping it open,and ensure the continuation of girls attending school.

“For his part, the Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Program confirmed that the program will continue to provide food and humanitarian assistance to the fleeing and affected people by the war in Yemen. At the field level, five members of the Iranian Houthi militia were killed and others were injured in the bombing of the Yemeni resistance in the Directorate of Zaher in the province of Al-Bayda.

Local sources said that members of the resistance targeted a vehicle for insurgents in the area of Korba, which left five dead and wounded others, they were later taken to hospitals in the city of Ibb, the capital of the province.

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