Houthis have blocked a food shipment for 100,000 families on the verge of famine

June 26, 2019

A spokesman for the World Food Program stated on Tuesday ( June 25th, 2019 ) that the Huthis had blocked the entry of a shipment that will feed some 100, 000 families on the verge of famine.

The spokesperson stated the rejection of the shipment came at a time when the program was holding tense talks with the Houthis, who blocked the program’s make an effort to register millions of Yemenis needing aid by using vital indicators as one way to prevent the theft of food aid.

The atrocities of the Houthis and their rejection of the conditions of the World Food Program. Famine threatens countless Yemenis.


The program laid blame on each other the Houthis for the looting of food. The refused shipment will also deprive a large number of families of much-needed assistance.

Last week, WFP partially hanging aid after the program accused the rebels of maintaining to loot aid and diverting huge amounts of money from international donations for their conflict effort.


The World Food Program ( WFP ) chief in Yemen, Stephen Anderson, informed the Houthis on June 11 that the program was in the process of getting rid of more than 200, 000 tons of flour in the hands of the rebels at Sanaa airport.

The letter said the program was about to dispose of the flour in a garbage dump in Sanaa.


Last month, the Houthis prevented the entry of more than 8, 000 tons of flour sent by WFP, alleging that the shipment was full of dead insects. A subsequent inspection of the shipment showed it had been completely clean, the Associated Press quoted a senior citizen WFP official as announcing.


“The World Food Program ( WFP ) are unable to tolerate the baseless rejection of basic human goods when millions in Yemen deal with malnutrition and hunger,” stated the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.


The Houthis decline to provide clear specifics of the fate of tons of food and drug aid pointed to their conflict effort and are sold in local marketplaces to give cash to the militias.


An additional assist official informed the Associated Press that the Huthis needed deliberately been feeding WFP food for many years and also had already been corrupted in an effort to discredit the program among famishing Yemenis in retaliation for the program’s comments.

“Let us simply do our job,” Paisley informed the UN Security Council session, talking about the Houthis.

He added that the program was not able to apply agreements with the Houthis on submitting your details people in need and launching a biometric system, utilizing an iris scan, fingerprinting, or even facial recognition to assistance the shipping of aid.




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