Houthis Militia: Looting and Disruption of Relief Aid

July 9, 2019
Al-Houthi’s violations of the right to relief aid and workers have characterized the seizure of cargo, the passage of food and medical carriers, the bombing of UN warehouses, especially in the province of Hodeidah, incineration of people and the denial of access to or detention of those in need.
The Yemeni government has identified in a report the violations committed by the militias against the relief work, where they are holding the trucks loaded with aid and killing some of its drivers, in addition to attacking the field
teams of the international organizations and preventing them from carrying out their humanitarian aid and work In a number of provinces, detaining staff of UN agencies and organizations and preventing them from reaching the
provinces to learn about the humanitarian situation and carry out their humanitarian tasks.
The Houthis militia do not only put obstacles in the way of humanitarian organizations and field teams but also stole large quantities of relief supplies and uses another part in favor of its war against Yemenis and stopped the transfer of wheat, huge quantities that are enough to feed more than
three million Yemenis, preventing 120 international staff from reaching WFP warehouses in Hodeidah, which contains 51,000 tons of aid, and 20 staff of the French Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, WFP’s
partner in the implementation of relief.
Four provinces topped the list of violations by the Houthi militia for humanitarian work, mainly Hodeidah governorate, Hajjah governorate, Ibb governorate, and Sana’a governorate. Finally, Saada province was the main
stronghold of the Huthi militia. The most prominent violations were relief and prevention of aid and the killing and detention of truck drivers. The bombing of warehouses of UN organizations, the burning of other stores and trucks, the blocking of international delegations from reaching the provinces and the prevention of field teams of humanitarian agencies from carrying out projects and manipulating the names of beneficiaries eligible for aid and the seizure of relief aid and the transfer of part of this aid to the war effort and the sale of some on the black market.

In response to the Swedish agreement on the withdrawal from the ports of Hodeidah and the truce agreement there, the militia closed the roads linking the provinces to the passage of trucks carrying relief aid and hindered the
unloading of ships loaded with aid in the ports of Hodeidah and Salaf. Also targeting a number of relief vessels in the port of Hodeidah And the establishment of local organizations run by leaders of the Houthi militia.

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