Houthis Militias loot and sell donations to finance its war against yemenis

October 18, 2019

The Houthi coup militia is coordinating with corrupt officials in UN organizations to sell large quantities of oil distributed by international organizations in the food baskets of poor families to be used as alternative fuel for diesel.

This crime has expanded in the last two weeks after the intensification of the suffocating crisis of oil derivatives in areas controlled by the houthi militia, and the lack of derivatives from the stations and high priceswhere 20 liters of diesel or petrol on the black market reached more than 25 thousand riyals.

The Houthi leaders began to sell oil to those looking for diesel fuel from the quantities that had been looted previously from the stores of UN organizations in various ways, either under the pretext of supporting its war effort or to spend it in food baskets for fake names or the families of its fighters. The market and the growing demand, especially from the owners of water pumps and mills .

The source, who live in Sana’a and preferred to remain anonymous, explained that the leaders of the Houthi militia are evolving from their methods to loot and exploit international aid and harness their revenues for their own investments and to finance their war effort. The food and relief products of the international organizations which are looted by the Houthis are disbursed with fake names and then sold to the market, while millions of Yemenis are devastated by starvation and do not find the basic minimum to stay alive.

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