Houthis militias seem to have internal accounts settlements

March 31, 2020

Colonel Nabil Iskandar, Moral Guidance Department’s director assistant in the Yemeni National Army, confirmed that Houthi militias have suffered heavy losses, and assured that the battles in the past two months have changed battle accounts for the benefit of Yemeni legitimacy.

The governorate of Saada during the past days witnessed the liquidation of a number of militia leaders in circumstances described as mysterious, which raised concern among citizens.

Informed sources confirmed that the body of the Houthi leader, Yahya Shroud, was found in the center of the city of Saada and that his body had marks of torture.

Meanwhile, the governorate witnessed another incident in which the Houthi leader Ibrahim Al-Da’i was assassinated after a shot fired by unknown persons and fled south of the city of Saada in Yemen Crisis.

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