Houthi’s response to open truce evokes further fights in Yemen’s Hodeidah

November 21, 2018


For 4 consequential years, the war waging between the Houthi insurgents and the Saudi coalition left Yemen in shambles. Recently, with a severe battle ongoing, in Hodeidah Yemen lost numerous lives and was found to be on the verge of famine.

The serious conditions of the citizens forced the US to press the Saudi coalition to vouch for peace. Following the US, the UAE and Saudi coalition had asked for a ceasefire between the Houthis to ensure that the country of Yemen will get the required assistance to recover from famine.

The counties together offered Yemen a food aid program worth $500 million. This was conducted to ensure it covered nearly 12 million civilians stuck in the war affected cities.

Surprisingly, the Houthis showed cooperation and responded saying they’ll cease fire if the Saudi coalition would leave the Red port city of Hodeidah.

However, peace was short-lived. Yemen’s information minister confirmed that the Houthi’s had shot a missile aimed at Saudi Arabia; failing to land in its designated destination, the missile landed on Yemen killing many civilians.

This once again led to escalated fighting, which now involved heavy gunfire and destruction. Citizens lay of traumatized as all they could hear was the tinnitus of ammunition and tanks.

Now, in futile efforts to stop the fighting the Yemen coalition turned to a British passed bill to stop the fighting. The draft made reports of an end to terror attacks on populated sites in Yemen.

Further, the draft instructs free flow of food, humanitarian and commercial goods into Yemen to aid the famine affected citizens.

Using such methods along with hosting peace conferences the Western allies along with the Saudi coalition are hoping to end the raging war in Yemen.