Houthis smuggling materials to make explosives

November 9, 2019

Yemeni coastguard forces on the west coast on Friday thwarted a major smuggling attempt for explosives-making materials in a qualitative military operation in the Red Sea west of Yemen.

A military source in the joint resistance, said that the Coast Guard forces foiled the introduction of a fertilizer shipment, containing 46% of urea, pointing out that this type of fertilizer enters in themanufacturing of mines and explosives.

He said the seized shipment included 2,000 bags (100 tons) and was on its way to the Houthi militias, through smuggling, using a medium sea boat, led by Yemeni sailors, hoisted on the flag of an African state.

The source pointed out that the operation revealedmultiple smuggling networks used by Houthi militias to smuggle weapons, explosives manufacturing materials and other prohibitions.

He said that the operation to thwart the attemptedsmuggling by the Coast Guard took 15 hours, and began monitoring and follow-up to the seizure of the boat and the cargo and smugglers, and the seizure of the seizures to the port of Mocha.

According to the source, details of the monitoring, control, monitoring and control process have been documented in audio and video.

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