Houthis: The Looters of Yemeni Humanitarian Aids

April 23, 2020

The Houthis militia continues to steal and loot aid, as Yemeni army forces have found quantities of relief materials provided by international organizations at Houthis sites in the Sarwah front, west of Marib, after they were defeated.Activists put a video on social media, showing quantities of food which was supposed to be given to civilians in Yemen by the United Nations World Food Program and they said that it was filmed in one of the areas controlled by the Houthi militia in the Sarawah front, west of Marib.
The activists accused the Houthi militia of “looting the relief aid provided to the poor and the needy and distributing it to its fighters on the fronts and selling it in the black market.”

The World Food Program in Yemen stated that it is aware of the video which circulated recently on the media, which shows relief materials bearing the logo of the World Food Program on the front line in Sarwah (40 km in the western side of the city of Marib), adding in a post on its Facebook. The World Food Program cannot confirm the source or authenticity of the video, stressing that “the food assistance it provides is supposed to be given to Yemeni civilians in greatest need. ”

It continued, “The World Food Program cannot accept any diversion of the food aid pathway that is not in line with its main mission to respond to the emergency humanitarian crisis in Yemen.”This operation exposes once again the plundering and harnessing of the Houthi militia for the benefit of its fighters on the fronts instead of distributing it to those who are desperately hungry in light of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen as described by the United Nations.

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Iryani said: “The mercenaries of Iran, deprive millions of citizens who were stranded after they looted their salaries and paralyzed the private sector in their areas of control from the humanitarian aid and relief materials provided by the United Nations organizations and sent to sell them in the markets and reinforce their elements in various fronts.Al-Iryani pointed out that the video circulating contains “scenes documented by a hero from the site that the Houthi militia lost in the Sirwah Front recently and confirms the militia’s use of food aid and relief materials provided by the World Food Program to those in need in its areas of control, as supplies for their fighters.”

On April 11th, the World Food Program revealed that it would “halve the assistance it provides to the population in Yemen’s Houthi-controlled areas, starting mid-April after donors cut funding due to fears that the Houthis are impeding the delivery of aid.”Donors, humanitarian agencies and United Nations bodies have complained in recent months about the interference and obstruction of the Houthis and threatened to reduce aid if conditions do not improve.In addition, the US Agency for International Development said two weeks ago that it had begun to cut aid to the Houthi areas because of these concerns.

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