Houthis threaten to bomb 299 targets in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen

May 21, 2019

Ansar Allah (or Houthis) threatened Sunday to target 299 military and vital installations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

A source in the Ministry of Defense of the Houthis, in a statement to the Agency, “Saba” under their control, stated that “The operation of the ninth is just the opening for multiple attacks on different vital and military targets.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced that armed drones attacked two pumping stations in Afif and Dawadmi provinces in Riyadh. And The Houthis adopted the attack.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading an Arab military alliance in Yemen, with the UAE as one of its main members and supporting forces loyal to the Yemeni government in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthis.

The source said the attack against KSA is the first operation among a long list of 299 planned attacks that are yet to come.

He explained that the targets include “military and vital headquarters and facilities, along with with the geography of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as installations, headquarters, and military bases in Yemen.”

Since September 2014, Houthi rebels have been in control of provinces, including the capital, Sanaa, and government forces are fighting to regain control of these provinces.

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