Houthisuse children for human shields in Yemen’s Hodeidah confirmed by Arab coalition

November 20, 2018

Col Turki Al Maliki spokesperson of Arab coalition claims being unable to free Hodeidah as the Houthi militia was using orphans as human shields.

According to reports, nearly 200 orphans had lost their lives on the battlefront as these children were sacrificed like slaughter lambs. However, despite the barbarity shown by the Houthi militia, Col Turki Al Malik states that his coalition fighting for Yemen along with their alliance UAE has no intention of backing out.

He stated, his army is gearing up to Al Hodeidah in the south and Saddain the north. The Yemeni army will leave no stones unturned to free the port of Al Hodeidah. This port is responsible for carrying in humanitarian aid, which would help war defected civilians.

To ensure the liberation of the port city, the Yemen coalition is carrying out several reinforcements like the removal of landmines. In the recent course of events the Yemen army removed nearly 600,000 landmines instilled by the Houthis.

Further, to ensure safety, the army also successfully conducted a siege of ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis to instill terror in Saudi Arabia.

However, apart from using force, Col Turki Al Maliki stated the only solution to the war receding was political. Therefore Martin Griffiths, the United Nations Special Envoy was sent to negotiate with the Houthi rebel leader.

After several discussions, the conclusion was the govt craved peace too. In their letter to the ambassador of US and UN, the government clearly stated the real troublemakers were the Houthis. Along with them stood Iran backed rebels who refused to negotiate and give up the port city of Al Hodeidah.

Owing to the disturbance caused by the Houthis and rebel Iranians, President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi backed the Yemen army to go at war with these protestors.

Steps are now being undertaken to prevent the rebels from causing more damage and using atrocious means to target innocents.