Human Rights Monitor Claims Houthis Wiped Out 619 Families in Yemens Taiz

December 12, 2018

A Yemeni human rights watchdog submitted a report on Monday detailing facts about misdemeanor carried out by Iran-backed Houthi militias from the year January to November, 2018. It has been noted that the war-torn nation is abundant with human rights horror occurring since the nationwide revolution in 2014.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center, which is based in Yemen’s southwestern Taiz province, stated that Houthis have been constantly conducting alarming and horrifying human rights violations.

The militias are hell bent or better be said determined to remodel Yemeni demographics, the national Arab identity and fueling sectarian strife, especially in Taiz.

The report which has been published on the 70th anniversary of the International Human Rights Day, divulged that in Taiz alone the Houthi rebels have killed around 134 civilians and injured 310, which includes 62 women and 13 children.

Houthi militias performed not less than 17 massacres against Taiz citizens, as per the report.

The Center recorded cases of 15 kidnappings, with civilian becoming the victims as mostly dozens of civilians were abducted during the raid of the Houthi rebels in the neighboring villages and neighborhoods. A minimum of eight instances of infringement against freedom of the press have been also filed.

Houthi militias forcefully dislodged 619 families, demolished around 45 public properties as well as 211 private properties in Taiz.

The report highlighted that the Houthis have displayed the breach of human rights during several occasion and it has been done against all sectors of society, irrespective of the fact that the person is a women or a children.

Bigotry and oppression distinguishes the Iran-backed group’s activity, especially in those areas which are facing the plague of war.

Non-combatant living in the Houthi-held territories was subjected to torture, murder and scarcity of food. They were also declined to use their right to education and were forcibly recruited within the Houthi militia.

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