Humanitarian Aid by Kuwait Praised By Yemeni Deputy Parliament Speaker

September 26, 2018

The aid supplied by Kuwait to Yemen which had the aim of alleviating the people’s sufferings has been highly praised by the deputy parliament speaker of Yemen, Mohammad Al-Shadadi.

He made this statement with his accompanying delegation. He had words of praise for His Highness, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s efforts for offering a variety of humanitarian aid and for achieving peace in a successful manner.

He also appreciated the role of KRC in providing aids to Yemeni people and also relief, medical supplies, and assistance in development in different governorates of Yemen. Al-Shadadi added that he was detailed of the humanitarian programs of the KRC and the recent projects they are carrying out in Yemen. He affirmed that these actions aim to improve the conditions on humanitarian grounds in Yemen and are a matter of pride.

He told that his discussion with Al-Sayer also tried to find ways for contributing to back up on health and water sectors in Yemen. He told that the people of Yemen desperately need drinking water and sources of energy and specifically solar power.

The authorities of Yemen and the various humanitarian authorities who are active in Yemen have also showered words of praise on the programs run by KRC. He also noted that the Kuwaiti society has garnered global recognition for its efforts to provide relief aid internationally.

Al-Sayer had welcomed the visit of Al-Shadadi to the headquarters of KRC and he hopes that the aid contribution of KRC would end the suffering of people of Yemen. KRC would go to all lengths in offering all efforts to the Yemenis and he noted that the efforts were highlighted at the regional and international levels to Al-Shadadi and the delegation which accompanied him.

Al-Sayer also noted that their meeting also focused on the humanitarian and relief efforts inside and out of Kuwait as being a part of a humanitarian role performed at all levels. These generous initiatives, aimed to provide support to the Yemeni people, were undertaken at the orders of the Kuwaiti leadership.