In India, UAE Is Looking After a New Batch of Wounded Yemenis

March 26, 2019

Yesterday, Aden International Airport left 62 war-wounded people in Yemen for treatment in India, the expense of which would be borne by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to sources, this humanitarian drive comes within the scheme of the UAE’s leadership to assist and provide support to the Yemeni people who are suffering in the face of the atrocities committed against them by the Iranian militia. It was the sixth batch of war-wounded people who would be looked after and paid by the UAE on a regular basis.

The wounded are suffering from various kinds of injuries as a result of assaults carried out by the Iranian Houthi militia on them; most of the wounded are civilians from the West Coast.

The UAE has been able to treat the war-wounded in hospitals in the interior, and its treatment at home has been transferred overseas. Thousands of war-injured have been taken to hospitals in India, Egypt, Sudan and the UAE.

The injured people praised the UAE’s outlook, its leadership and its people for this altruistic gesture, which they highlighted is not strange to the UAE leadership. The injured people conveyed confidence that the UAE’s backing for their treatment will garner all the attention.The delegation was attended by Mohammed Al Shehhi, the representative of the UAE Red Crescent and Mohammad Nasr Shazli, the First Deputy of Aden Governorate.

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