In Roadside Bombing SAS soldiers on Aid Mission Gets Injured

February 18, 2019

Two British Special Forces soldiers assigned on a top-secret mission in Yemen have been injured in a roadside bomb strike. The soldiers who were a part of the exclusive SAS regiment and was also a part of the joint US-UK mission who were assigned the task of identifying areas where starving can be reduced.
Both soldiers were a of 12-man coalition taskforce which flew into the war- inflicted nation three weeks ago. The SAS is working alongside members of Operational Detachment Alpha, the primary fighting force for the Green Berets.
Under command of the US, the heavily armed Special Forces team flew into Aden from Djibouti aboard a UAE Chinook helicopter and met UAE commanders before heading north-east in unmarked pick-up trucks. A large part of the east of country is controlled by anti-government Houthi rebels, which includes the vital port of Hodeidah – where Saudi Arabia has averted humanitarian vessels landing supplies.
The soldiers who were adorned in Arab clothes and were assigned the duty of defying drop zones that consist of food as well medical supplies that can be easily approached by desperate locals.
The unit is stated to have been working near the government-held town of Marib, 500 miles north of Aden, when one of the pickups they were travelling in was caught in a blast, triggered when the vehicle in front drove over a land mine.
Both soldiers suffered leg injuries and were removed in a UAE helicopter to the US military base in Djibouti, a small coastal country on the Horn of Africa located across the Gulf of Aden.
Three weeks ago five engineers – two from South Africans, a Croatian, a Bosnian and a Kosovan – were killed and a Briton got wounded when their vehicle also hit a mine at Marib. Experts believe that the devices were planted by the Houthi rebels, which is fighting with the Saudi-backed government.

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