In South Yemen Fierce Battle Erupts after Tribal Leader’s Home Gets Blown Up By Houthi Rebels

February 12, 2019

On Monday, for a third day Houthi rebels skirmished with government forces in Yemen’s Dalea province. The conflict got triggered by the rebel’s exploded the home of a local leader.

The militia attacked Al Makla village in Al Hasha district on Saturday and ravaged house of the tribal Sheikh Abdul Jaleel Al Hothaiyfi for presumably cooperating with the Saudi-led alliance which backs the government, according to a reporter.

Ali Al Asmar informed news agencies that the Houthis forced the family of Sheikh Al Hothaiyfi to run away from the home, then blew it up with dynamite and also torched the car of Hothaiyfi.

The reporter suggested that it was the first instance of the Houthis to have entered the area since the civil war started in 2014 with the Iran-supported rebels’ capture of the capital Sanaa. The Al Hasha district lies in the north of Dalea, a southern province about 250 kilometers from Sanaa, and it edges the rebel-held province of Ibb.

In the face of opposition from the residents, the rebels stayed in the village and stationed fighters on the hills surrounding the village.

Equipped tribesmen from the area then threw a barrier around the village on Sunday to capture the rebels, Saed Abdullah, a resident of the area, told reporters. From Sunday night, the fighting increased with the arrival of government troops from central Dalea in order to back the tribesmen and rebel strengthened from Dammar province north of Ibb.

The troops and the tribesmen were able to hold to their positions but had endured losses of weapons and equipment, according to Mr Al Mashriq. Till Sunday night, three tribesmen were killed.

In the meantime, fresh fighting broke between the Houthis and the Hajoor tribe in the northern province of Hajjah on Sunday. The coalition started to carry out 15 air strikes at rebel reinforcements sent to the Mandala and Abaisa areas of Kushar district where the clashes occurred.

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