In war-torn Yemen “Spy vulture” has found

April 25, 2019

Into war-torn Yemen Griffon vulture, Nelson crossed to search for food and caught up in the hands of Yemeni fighters. Vulture kept temporarily in jail for suspected espionage.

Vulture came down in the country’s third city of Taez.  A rare move for a young vulture which could soar for long distances across continents looking for food and moderate weather.

Nelson, approximately two years old, embarked on his voyage in September 2018 from Bulgaria. The Fund for Wild Fauna and Flora ( FWFF) has tagged his wings with an equipped satellite transmitter.

However, he has shed his way, eventually coming down into Taez – under siege by Huthi rebels.   But controlled by pro-government forces, who mistook Nelson’s satellite transmitter for an espionage device and detained the vulture.

Force faithful to the government believed that the GPS tracker device could have been attached with the vulture for spy the rebels.

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