Increase in Yemen suffering during Covid-19 invites extended support from EU for children and families

August 7, 2020

War-torn Yemen is going through economic crisis, water shortage and in severe desolated conditions as Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread across the country, leaving thousands of vulnerable communities in country in anguish. European Commission has responded to the situation of people of Yemen and have extended humanitarian support to them. The support of life-saving essential things includes a humanitarian aid bridge organization bringing personal protective equipment (PPE) and essential medicines into the country. The humanitarian air bridge, since mid-July has aided transportation of approximately 44 tonnes of UNICEF supplies to Sana’a and Aden.

“The scale of suffering in Yemen is unimaginable and many communities here feel that the world has forgotten them. The ongoing support from the EU allows us to keep families from slipping further into crisis. We know that European countries have their own challenges brought by COVID-19, so this assistance sends a powerful message to families in Yemen to show them that the world still cares,” said Dr. Sherin Varkey, UNICEF’s acting representative in Yemen.

European Union has also extended an additional humanitarian aid of €4 million to Yemen. This aid will be used by UNICEF and other partner organizations in the region to launch a Community Shielding Programme for people at maximum risk. The programme uses the data and support of existing community networks to identify the people who are most vulnerable to Covid-19 consequences and support them. A variety of support mechanisms are offered under the programme to keep these at risk people safe.

Janez Lenarcic, European Commissioner for Crisis Management said, “Children in Yemen are more than ever at risk of malnutrition and disease. We therefore want to make sure that partners like the UN’s Children Fund can perform can perform their lifesaving work. The Humanitarian Air Bridge and recent additional funding are a tangible expression of EU solidarity with the people of Yemen in their hour of need.”

UNICEF is appealing for a humanitarian fund of $103 million for Covid-19 related relief and support work being done by the UN group in Yemen. Till now it has only received 38% of the appealed amount.

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