Infant Girl Used as a Human Shield by the Houthis Handed Over to Yemeni Government by Coalition

October 1, 2018

The coalition spokesperson supporting the legitimacy in Yemen has mentioned that forces have handed over a four year old infant girl to the Yemeni Government representative after they rescued her from the militants of Houthi.

Colonel Turki al-Malki have said that the girl identified as Jamila had been handed over to Yemeni government during the presence of the ICRC representative, the Head of the Child Protection Unit in Armed Conflict which was led by Joint Forces of Alliance, and the Saudi Red Crescent the Human Rights Commission.

Malki has mentioned that Yemeni National forces have captured the child’s father during the operation for liberation of Saada.  He has pointed out that the National Force of Yemeni advanced in the area an armed vehicle and then attacked with the help of a Houthi fighter. During the time of driver of the armed vehicles’ arrest which was carrying several arms, they found a 4-year girl dressed like a boy.  The vehicle commander had been identified as the father who used the presence of the girl in the battlefield as the human shield. Using minors and children go against rules of engagement, particularly when it comes to child protection which had been applied by the coalition forces.

The leadership of the joint forces of coalition which was represented by the Unit for the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict offered the required medical and also full care to the infant girl. On Monday, she was delivered to the legitimate government in the presence the relatives of the girl and had offered complete financial assistance to the girl and also her family.

Malki have stated that the action of armed militias of Houthi had been pretty explicit and clear violation of the humanitarian law to recruit and enlist children in the battlefield as to use them like human shields for ascertaining their movement and not to be targeted as they represent some legitimate military objectives.