Information Minister of Yemen Warns Houthi Curriculum in the Schools

October 15, 2018

Muammar al-Iryani, the Information Minister of Yemen have warned against the dangers of the manipulation of the Houthi militias about the school curriculum in the areas which is under control which can lead to a generation of extremist leaders.

Al-Iryani has stated in a tweet that the curriculum which the Houthi militia is emphasizing on the children of Yemen is conflicting with the cultures and ideas of the country that is plot by militias for dismantling the social fabric within. The minister has also pointed out that the consistent control of the militias is Sanaa and various other provinces with the imposition of the ideas influenced by the Iranians in the curriculum will generate a new generation of Yemenis who is known to have strayed from the ideals of the country.

Al-Iryani have also added that the militia have changed the curriculum of the school in certain areas which are under their control and also where they added articles regarding the group backed by the Iranians which serve the Shiite ideology. The new curriculum comprises of a booklet regarding the founder of Hussein al-Houthi and also forcing the students to chant the slogan of Houthi in school and events of the militias.

In order to compensate for the loss of some of their militias, the Houthi have resorted to recruiting new children and have also managed to lure 2419 children to fight along with them since the month of March, 2015.