International newspaper reveals “shocking” information about Yemen’s looted artifacts

May 18, 2019

A former official of the General Authority for the Conservation of Historic Cities in Sana’a revealed that more than 150 monuments, archaeological and historical sites have been targeted by the militias, destroying, looting, shelling it and even converting it into military barracks since their putsch in late 2014.

He also spoke and warned about the disappearance of 60 percent of the mummies of the National Museum in Sana’a.

According to the newspaper “Middle East” London. The official, who can not be named for his own safety, confirmed that some 30,000 artifacts had disappeared from the war museum in Sanaa and the Dhamar museum. Visitors to the war museum in central Sanaa were surprised by the wiping out of a large part of Yemen’s Republican history and polishing the imama era, with slogans, signs, and pictures promoting the imam inside the museum.

They explained that there were huge changes in the museum’s assets, from adding pictures of the dead Houthis militias and removing images that showed the headscarves of the Imams.

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