Iran is Furnishing Houthis with Naval Mines

October 29, 2018

Now the Al Houthi militia in Yemen can intimidate crucial oil shipments navigating through the Red Sea. Recently a video released by Houthi media showed that the Houthi rebels having custody of naval mines and even threatening to place them in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

The video comprises further proof of the fact that Iran is supplying ammunitions the Houthi rebels. This is another example of Iran’s game plan to manipulate and control countries bordering the Red Sea and the southern Mediterranean Sea.

Analysts agree to the fact that the Houthi don’t have the technical competence to develop their own mines. It is also true for other high-end weapons they are using, such as ballistic missiles. Iran is the main provider of these ammunitions.

Najib Gallab, the head of the al-Jazeera Center for Studies, admits Iran is coaxing the Houthi rebels to carry out terrorist acts through booby-trapped boats and missiles directing towards the international trade corridor in the Red Sea. The main reason behind such plan is that Iran wants to demonstrate its maritime terrorist power through Houthis across the west coast.

Intensifying its power and control over Yemen and neighboring countries neighboring this critical seaway would allow Iran vast strategic authority. The action of Iran would affect Europe also. Oil shipments sailing through the Bab el-Mandeb choke point are critical to the European economy.

According to data collected by the Energy Information Administration and published by Bloomberg, approximately 4.8 million barrels of oil and petroleum sailed through the strait in 2016. Over half of that was moving north toward Europe.

In case Iran gets control of the trade route, it might lead to huge damage and chaos in America and Europe, within overnight.

Germany as well as the Vatican won’t allow the king of the south to take control of the world’s number-one trade route.