Iranian turns Hodeidah into a Houthi terror center

November 11, 2019

The governor of Yemen’s Hodeidah, Dr. Hassan Taher, has revealed that Iranian experts, who run Houthi militia operations, have turned Hodeida into a center for terrorist operations targeting regional waters, as well as smuggling weapons and drugs.

In a press statement the governor of Hodeidah said that “the battle inside Yemen is being managed from Hodeidah, after the mullahs experts moved the center of operations from Saada and Sanaa there since the signing of the Stockholm agreement, which the militias refuse to implement.”

The governor added that the Iranians and Houthis are exploiting the northern coasts of Hodeidah, represented by the coasts of Al-Duha, Al-Beard and Zaidi, in smuggling operations, pointing out that fishing ports have become smuggling centers for weapons and drugs.

He pointed out that the militias used medium naval boats led by Yemeni sailors and flying the flag of an African country to introduce a fertilizer shipment containing 46% of urea used in the manufacture of mines and explosives, it was coming from Iran on its way to the Houthis north of Hodeidah

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