IRGC commander: We can support the Houthis as much as we can

May 31, 2019

Iran supports the Houthis as much as it could although not as much as it would wish to, because of the “blockade of Yemen”, Admiral Ali Fadavi, vice commander of the IRGC, stated.

“If the Islamic Innovation could arrive and also proceed there; imagine we might be able to visit Yemen since we go to Syria, would the circumstance be because it is? absolutely no, it might not,” Fadavi stated in an interview with Iran’s Channel 3. The interview was reported by the BBC Persian.

“Based on the Quran, we are obliged to help as much as we can, and we do,” he said.

According to Fadavi, due to the “complete siege” of Yemen, the IRGC struggles to assistance the Houthis greatly which “they govern themselves.”

“They have an effect similar to us simply because they behave in keeping with the concepts of the Islamic Revolution,” he said.

“But obviously we are not there, in the event that we were, the Houthis could be in Riyadh before,” said Fadavi.

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