Jeremy Hunt States That Little Time Is Left to Turn Yemen Truce into Peace

February 14, 2019

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has cautioned of “a shrinking favorable opportunity” to rescue Yemen’s partial truce ahead of discussions in which Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will face the heat to not restart their military assault.
The two nations are backing an UN-acknowledged Yemen government looking to drive off an Iranian-backed Houthi administration, and are disappointed that Houthi militia has not pulled out their forces from the vital port of Hodeidah.

Hunt stated that the discussions, which are being held on the sidelines of a summit in Warsaw, would stress on a initiative to put in money into Yemen’s central bank so that tens of thousands of public sector workers, which includes those in Houthi-supervised areas, can be paid their due salary.

Lack of money, a depreciation of the rial value and food shortages have led to famine in some parts of the nation. The UN-supported government has not paid salaries in Houthi-controlled areas for up to three years.

Hunt stated that they have a little chance to turn the truce into a long-lasting path to peace, and halt the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. He even stated that real headway has been made to reach a political resolution but there are also real matters of trust between the two parties which mean the accord reached out in Stockholm has not been fully enforced.
He stated that the famine was because of a human-made economic crisis and not a result of natural disaster. Realistic steps like resuming salary payments to civil servants could aid in improving the entry of food for millions.

He stated that they are in a crucial stage. They had success in Stockholm and they can now observe that both parties want to make a breakthrough the deal.
Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary Of State, who is under heat from Congress to end backing for the Saudi invasion into Yemen, will be a part of the discussions.

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