kidnapped journalists sentenced to death by a Houthi tribunal in Yemen

April 13, 2020

Four journalists who were kidnapped and held captive by Houthi militia for 5 years in terrible inhuman conditions have been sentenced to death on Saturday by a Houthi tribunal.The criminal court in Sana’a, headed by Judge Muhammad Muflih, held a session on Saturday, without the presence or knowledge of the journalists’ lawyer and decided to pronounce the sentence of an unethical trial held with no representation of the accused .the kidnapped journalists’ lawyer told the press.

“The court sentenced four journalists to death, namely Abdel-Khaleq Ahmed Abdo Omran, Akram Saleh Al-Walidi, Harith Saleh Hamid, and Tawfiq Muhammad Thabit Al-Mansoori, after they were convicted of espionage.”said the lawyer in a post on his Facebook page.

The verdict also sentenced the journalists: Hisham Tarmoum, Hisham Al-Yousifi, Haitham Raoh Al-Shihab, IssamBelghith, Hassan Annab and Salah Al-Qadi to be imprisoned and they will be placed under police supervision for a period of three years.The Houthi militia kidnapped the ten journalists more than five years ago, and subjected them to the most severe forms of torture inside the houtis prisons. Most of the journalists are now in very bad health conditions.

The Houthi militia was classified as the most repressive entity against journalists in Yemen.According to international human rights and humanitarian organizations’ reports.

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