Large Scale Operation by Arab Coalition to Liberate Hodeidah

September 26, 2018

A large-scale and multipronged operation has been launched by the Arab Coalition towards the areas which are under Houthi militias for celebrating the city of Hodeidah after they reinforced the troop at Kilo 16 and truncating the supply line of key Sana’a-Hodeidah of besieged rebel, Brigadier Ali Al Tunaji who is the commander of Arab Coaltion taskforce of the Red Sea Coast of Yemen.

Brigadier Al Tunaji has said that the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arab continue with the military operation in the Red Sea Coast of Yemen along with the Joint Yemeni Resistance forces through a surprising military plans which was quite unexpected by the militias which was collapsing and the positions was falling gradually as Coalition force took control of the strategic areas in Hodeidah from and truncating the supply lines of the rebels.

He also said that the military operation which had been launched by the Arab Coalition and the Join Yemeni Resistance forced allowed them to control Kilo 10 and Kilo 7 areas while  they reinforce troops in Kilo 16 and cutting the key supply line of Sana-Hodeidha for the rebels. He stated that several Houthi militia figure had been killed and captured which included the field, operation, and also mobilization of the commanders. Some other Houthi fighters surrendered and they made way for forces of Coalition and Resistance to take over new positions from the Houthis.

The  military operation of Hodeidah Governorate are being done under well-studied and perfect plans which take into consideration the safety of the citizens and avoid any kind of harms to the civilians who are being used as the human shield by these militias for protecting the defeated fighters they have. Moreover, they use the civilian, as well as the government buildings that belong to the Yemeni citizens for the military purpose and used booby-trap which is a clear violation of the all international convention and laws.

The military operation has led the Houthi militias to lose their composure.  They failed to concentrate and fled the battlefield.