Latest crimes of Houthi militia in Yemen

May 5, 2020

The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations based urged the Houthi militia to release detained journalists and to abolish the death sentences issued by the so-called specialized criminal court which lacks jurisdiction and authority, on four of them. In a statement released on May 3rd, on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the organization indicates Yemen is ranked 168th in the world chart of press freedom. The Houthi militia took control of part of the country with a coup in September 2014.

Since this moment, the area saw a deterioration of the human rights situation, and the risks faced by Yemeni journalists increased.The statement stress that, immediately after the coup, the Houthi militia stormed several newspaper and media offices, closed and sacked newsrooms, and kidnapped several journalists. The Saudi-led Arab Coalition, supporting the legitimate Yemeni government, revealed 83 ceasefire violations by Shiite Houthi militias just last week.

The Coalition added that the terrorist group committed 2,399 ceasefire violations since its announcement, on April 8, to allow local authorities and their international to combat against the novel coronavirus.

Yesterday, Yemen recorded two new COVID-19 positive cases in Hadramawt. According to human rights activists, the Houthis are conducting a real manhunt in the Sana’a region looking for suspected cases.

Yemeni activists posted on Twitter a new video showing a member of the Houthi militia, operating in Sana’a, going to the home of a suspected Covid-19 case, with special protective clothes and a Kalashnikov, before shooting several bullets to force people to move out.

Houthi emergency response teams closed a small road in Sana’a. Military troupes, followed by an ambulance and a bus, stop the passage before medical personnel broke into a house. The video shows a gunman shooting in the air. In the background, it is possible to hear someone saying that two infected people are inside the bus. The Yemeni journalist Farouk Kamali affirms the video was shot in a neighborhood called Dabwa, south of Sanaa. Recently, Yemeni media also reported raids by Houthi militiamen in hospitals where are suspected coronavirus cases.

The video arrives in concomitant with the statement of the Yemeni government of newly confirmed contagions in the governorates of Aden and Taiz. On Thursday, the local news website “Al-Masdar” recorded two confirmed cases discovered in Sana’a, quoting medical sources of the World Health Organization (WHO). The news also reports the Houthi group placed an entire family in quarantine after breaking into their home in the Al-Sinainah area.

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